Manifestations of Candida mycoses
Candidosis intertriginosa and Candidosis interdigitalis

Mycosis of the large skin folds (Candidosis intertriginosa): Candidosis intertriginosa is one of the most frequent fungal infections of the skin. Older people in particular are often affected. The warm, moist conditions in the large skin folds, e.g. in the groin, beneath the breasts or the belly or in the armpits, favour Candidosis intertriginosa. Infestation is characterised by exuding, reddened areas with surrounding scaly zones and possibly severe itching.

It is advisable to assess the situation as the symptoms can also arise from allergic reactions or following bacterial infections.

Interdigital fungal infections (Candidosis interdigitalis): Candida infections of the interdigital spaces of the hands and feet are mainly caused by Candida albicans. Mycosis on the hands is favoured by permanent wetness and sweating. As such, it is particularly widespread in gastronomy with cooks, as well as in the sugar and fruit processing industries.

The third interdigital cleft of the hands and the space between the fourth and fifth toe is most frequently involved. Fungal infections of the feet are as well favoured by moisture caused by a strong tendency to sweat, or frequent working in a humid condition and/or in water.

Symptoms are softening, itching and cracking of the skin. If the sole of the foot is also affected, blistering, redness and scaling of the skin are additional characteristics.

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