Manifestations of Candida mycoses
Oral thrush and Diaper dermatitis

Oral thrush: Already during birth, neonates can come into contact with yeasts from the mother’s vagina. Later on, bottle teats, breast pumps, toys and other objects surrounding the child are often the source for mycoses. Yeasts can colonise on the skin and in the mouth of children and lead to inflammation and erosion of the epithelium. They can sometimes multiply and spread in the mouth and throat so profusely that visible white patches or plaques can be seen. This oral thrush (also known as “oropharyngeal candidosis”) can also arise in older patients and those with weakened immune systems.

Diaper dermatitis: Waterlogging and warmth favour yeast infections. Thus, the typical picture of diaper dermatitis in infants and small children arises with a diffuse, varnish-like glossy redness in the genital and anal region. In addition, large macerations occur with partly flaming red and wet erosions, which are very painful for the child.

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